CID - Yell County Sheriff


The Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is responsible for investigating crimes after they have been committed. This includes everything from simple theft of property, child abuse, to homicide. The unit, like the rest of the department, runs out of two distinct districts, Danville & Dardanelle, but often has to work together on crimes that may cross district lines.

Officers from the C.I.D. unit also handle narcotics investigations, dealing with informants, and coordinating with the 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force. Often C.I.D. investigators are called upon to assist local municipal departments with felony investigations, or matters that cross jurisdictions within the county.

Yell County Det./Sgt. Lora Beasley is shown (right) preparing to collect casts of tire impressions from a recent crime scene. The Crime Scene Van that she is assigned was seized in a drug raid and later forfeited for use by the Sheriff's Department.

Crime scene processing is an important aspect of CID work, and can provide valuable information necessary in resolving cases and ensuring convictions. The CID Division can collect impressions of toolmarks, tire tracks (as shown) and footprints, as well as latent fingerprints from many different types of materials and now even DNA evidence from various sources.

Capt. John Foster, Jr. Yell-2 (Chief Deputy), Lt. Scott Moore Yell-9 (CID Supervisor)

Det./Sgt. Gary Morrison Yell-5, Det./Sgt. Kenneth Poore Yell-10, Det. Heath Tate Yell-4

Det./Sgt. Lora Beasley - Latent Prints / Intel Sharing Yell-19, Antonio Gomez - CID Main Desk / Data Entry