CYBER CRIME - Yell County Sheriff


There are a wide range of criminal acts that fall under the description of cyber crime. Including many that you might not think of when you hear the term.

As the Internet seems to become an ever increasing part of our lives, the number of people using it to commit criminal acts is sharply on the rise. Criminal acts that are commonly seen range from financial scams and identity theft to sexual explotation of children. Crimes related to cyber harrassment and threatening are also on the rise and have been reported locally.

Agencies across the United States, and even the world, are left scrambling trying to keep pace with this new world of crime. Investigation of these types of crimes requires investigators with very specialized, and sadly uncommon, training and skills. The problem was summed up in a recent training session I attended when they pointed out that you can take a good detective and teach him to work computer crime... but you usually can't take a computer guy and teach him to be a good detective. The two fields are very different, and personnel with both sets of skills are hard to come by.

Follow the links above for more detailed information of various types of cyber crime our agency has been involved in.